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activities and entertainment

Activities and Entertainment

Adirama Beach Hotel offers a range of possibilities for activities and entertainment.

ActivitiesExperience the unique Culture and Nature of Bali

Walking in solitude over small dikes of green rice paddies, climbing to the top of brown-grey volcanoes, trekking through dense rainforest, boating on soft-blue mountain lakes, rafting on the white fumed water of rivers, riding on the back of horses or even elephants?  Or visiting out-of-the-way, mystical temples, witnessing ceremonies at Balinese house compounds, walking along in Hindu processions, listening to gamelan, watching wayang kulit, temple dance or topeng drama. Whatever your prefer, it’s all possible on the island of Bali. Adirama Beach Hotel can arrange a range of private excursions and day trips for you, throughout Bali. Our hotel is centrally located at the north coast of Bali, within easy reach of Bali’s cultural and natural highlights.


Traditional Balinese Dance and Music in Adirama’s Seaside Restaurant.

EntertainmentDepending on occupancy we present a cultural night with traditional Balinese dance and music, which is held at the Rama Seaside Restaurant.

All musicians are staff of Adirama and the dancers are students of our entertainment manager Anik, who is a professional Balinese dancer and dance teacher.

Dance Lessons

Interested guests are offered the opportunity to have traditional dance lessons with dance master Anik, in original traditional costumes.

Especially for kids this is a treat, and most certainly a perfect and unique opportunity to actively experience the culture of Bali.


Beach games and watersports

During the daytime hours you can indulge in all kinds of activities at Adirama Beach, like water sports and beach games.



SwimmingA quiet stretch of (volcanic) sandy beach rimmed with palm trees borders the calm and shallow water of a lagoon-like bay, protected by acres of coral reef that lie further away in sea.

Contrary to most parts of Southern Bali there are no dangerous under-currents in this part of the Bali sea, which guarantees for unconcerned swimming and snorkeling.


Water Sports

Beach Walks


Relaxing Beach Walks

The unique, dark colored sand of our clean beach is of volcanic origin. Especially the morning hours and late afternoon are perfect times for a romantic beach walk, seeing the sun rise in a soft purplish sky behind the mountains in the east or watching it sink in gradients of red under the horizon in the west. The beach is regularly cleaned up.


The Clases of Taste

This is a great pleasure that our team will spoil to you how to learn about Balinese cooking classes and Cocktails Classes with the beautiful atmosphere and the hospitality of Adirama Beach Hotel.

The class minimum for two person, preparations and the technique will accompany by our selected staff.


Sea Trips


In Adirama You can also do fun activities like this with a canoe in the ocean while waiting for dinner.


Sail out in a traditional outrigger just before sunrise, enjoy the sun rise over the mountains in the south and admire dozens, sometimes hundreds of dolphins tumbling through the Bali Sea hunting for their breakfast of small fish.


FAST & FUN….Sail out in traditional outringger to the east coast. Start from Adirama Beach Hotel straightly to Beji Temple (Biggest old temple in Balifor Subak). Subak is Organization for water supply. This temple full of carving ornament. On the way back to Adirama, you will stop at old port of Buleleng Harbor and unique Budhist Monastery. Enjoy the seabreeze and land scape of Buleleng from the sea during the way back to Adirama Beach Hotel.


Sail out in a traditional outrigger to long-line the Bali Sea for MAHI-MAHI, cast a small net from the beach early at dawn or join the local fishermen in the shallow water during high tide to throw a line and pretend you are one.

Whatever you prefer, it’s all possible. From the shoreline at the beach or at sea, right behind the hotel.

Adirama can arrange the rental of an outrigger with captain for you, if you like fishing at sea. Bring your catch afterwards to have it prepared for dinner by our chef cook.


Enjoy the colorful of fish and coral reef at lovina bay.

Explore the unique underwater of Lovina sea, right behind the hotel. The calm water of the bay behind Adirama Hotel is protected by acres of colorful coral reef. Very convenient since you avoid long car trips!


Explore the unique underwater of North Bali sea. The calm water with color of reef and marine life just of shores with beautiful reefs that plunge straight down into clear blue waters.



Tabu Tracking (Tamblingan & Buyan)

Buyan and Tamblingan Trekking tour will lead you to the real protected jungle of Bali with unique old legend temple inside the jungle and it’s has a very  interesting stories related to our Culture plus Crossing the Sacred Tamblingan lake by traditional dugout canoe will give you unforgettable experience it’s will make your mind fell relax and fell back to Nature

Brengbengan Tracking

Lemukih is a small village on the northern slope of Bali Central Mountain. It is a small village, which is known for its rice farm, coffee, clove and various kind of tropical fruit cultivation and lies on the altitude of 638 m above the sea level, it is offering a cool mountain air. Lemukih came from a word of Lembu akeh means many cows, as what the story that we have heard from the local people that the village founders found lots of cows around the forest there when they first arrived at the area. Enjoy the beautiful rice field terrace, local farmer and nature small jungle river with cold water. A long the way will seen few simple houses by the farmer.  Once arrived at waterfall there is sometime to relax and enjoy the scenery. If you like you can have refreshing shower here at the waterfall, but watchout it’s slippery rocks. At the end we serve the lunch box at the local farming  area. On the way to Adirama, you can visit the Jagaraga Temple which very famous with the historical and art.

Mayong Tracking



Sightseeing Tour

Hot Spring & Budhist Monastery

At about 20 minutes from Hotel Adirama are the hot springs of Banjar where you can have a reviving water massage. The water is of an agreeable temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. Close to the hot springs is the Buddhist Monastery ‘Vihara’. Both the monastery and the basins of the hot springs were built by monks in the 11th century, and the water of the springs is said to have healing qualities.

Lovina Whole Day Tour

A fully day trips with 7 hours durations in total trips. Starting from traditional fruits and flowers market, Ulun Danu temple where u can see beautiful temple above the lake. Enjoy the beautiful panorama above the lake Buyan & Tamblingan, take some memory to carry out with you. Afterword’s  down the path toward the waterfall munduk. During the way to Waterfall, enjoy the kinds of plantations by the local farmer. Last 2 trips at Hot spring and finishing at Buddhist Monastery

Singaraja City Tour

A visit to the second largest town and former colonial capital of Bali, Puri Buleleng (buleleng Palace), the old market town of Singaraja. We’ll visit the traditional market, the lontar library Gedung Kirtya, the Chinese temple in the harbor district and we will have a walk through the town to admire the Dutch colonial style buildings, a remnant from the past

Munduk Waterfall & Coffee Tour

Munduk waterfall is located at Munduk Village, Banjar distric, Buleleng regency. Munduk village is situated at an altitude between 800-900 m above sea level so the air is very cool and very suitable for farming, especially coffee and clove. Coffee is a remarkably familiar drink for the Balinese community. Coffee trunk grows well at cool-climate land such as at the territory of Buleleng (North Bali). The Species of coffee cultivated Arabica (Coffee arabica) and Robusta (Coffee canephora). The process undergone by the coffee bean into powder begings from the oven, then it is milled and packaged in compliance with the needs.

Bedugul & Pupuan Tour

First stop of this tour is a visit to the Gitgit waterfall. Then we will drive to Bedugul to the mountain resort Crater Lake Beratan with recreation facilities. Next we will drive to the Pacung which has magnificent views to mountains and rice fields. Finally we drive to a viewpoint at Pupuan with more stunning rice field panoramas

Ubud Tour

This tour is a must if you love handicrafts. On our way to Ubud we’ll have a stop at Bedugul to see the famous Ulun Danu temple and the vegetable and fruit market of Candi Kuning. Next we’ll have a stop at Celuk where many silver- and gold smiths are, and at Mas where your will find many talented wood carvers. Final destination is Ubud, the world famous center of Balinese fine arts and paintings. At our way back we’ll have a stop at Pacung to enjoy magnificent rice field views.

Sunset Tour

A full-day tour with a stop at Bedugul to see the famous Ulun Danu temple and the vegetable and fruit market of Candi Kuning. Our next stop is at the monkey forest of Kedaton. Finally we’ll drive to the Tanah Lot Sea Temple which is situated on a hugh rock that lies 50 meters off shore, a great décor for beautiful sunset pictures.

Volcano Tour

An exciting day tour to the Batur volcano with a stop at the Beji Temple and the Meduw Karang Temple before we reach the Kintamani area with magnificent views to the huge caldera of the volcano with its impressive crater lake and our final destination, the village Toya Bungkah at the shores of lake Batur.

Gitgit Waterfall & Monkey Forest

Gitgit Waterfall is a beautiful tourist destination in north part of Bali. Gitgit waterfall is located in the plateau area with the height about 35 meters and it is surrounded by tropical tree and emits the constantly natural water debit during the year. Second destination is Monkey forest before Bedugul. The monkey’s are nature.

Sekumpul Waterfall

Combination tours between Sekumpul Waterfall and Balinese Gambelan Factory. Sekumpul Waterfall about 2 km away from parking area. Understandably, the Village and Village Lemukih Sekumpul indeed neighbors. To see Sekumpul Waterfall close, it takes a bit of effort and struggle. From the parking lot, you have to walk quite far away, down a dirt road, down the hundreds of stairs, and across the river. Afterword enjoys the classical Balinese gambelan instruments factory. Gambelan Facoty located at Jagaraga Village. You can see how the Balinese gambelan made in traditional way

Gitgit Monkey Forest

Gitgit Waterfall is a beautiful tourist destination in north part of Bali. Gitgit waterfall is located in the plateau area with the height about 35 meters and it is surrounded by tropical tree and emits the constantly natural water debit during the year. Second destination is Monkey forest before Bedugul. The monkey’s are nature


Climbing Trips

Mount Batur

Departure from Adirama Hotel at 02:00 am directly to Batur volcano. With a local guide you will climb to the top of the volcano where you will arrive in time to see the sun rise over Bali, with stunning views. Mount Batur volcano is one of the  sacred mountain according to Hindu believe. Mount Batur is located in Batur village, Kintamani District, Bali, Indonesia. Mount Batur (Gunung Batur) is 1717 m above sea level can be summited by physically fit hikers in around 2 hours.

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